Pearl Common Pachysandra

Round-shaped leaves; an appearance totally unlike other pachysandra. Also called "Elephant Ears"

Specific; Pearl Common Pachysandra is an American member of the Buxaceae (boxwood) family commonly referred to as Allegheny spurge. It is superior to its more frequently used Asian cousin as it fills in an area a little more slowly, but much more elegantly.

What makes this version different from its relatives, is its distinct round, pearl shaped leaves. It has fragrant white flowers that appear briefly in April and are followed by a second-story layering of fresh, spring-green leaves.

In the early spring it shoots up pink and white fragrant flowers that last for a week or two. Soon after the flowers have set seed, the first shoots of foliage poke their heads up through the soil and their dark green leaves begin to unfold.

General; Once established, a Pachysandra planting will eliminate grass cutting and weeding. Your lawn work stops where this plant starts. This plant is used extensively under large spreading trees, back of buildings or in other situations too shady for grass to grow. It is self-sustaining and always looks good. It is an excellent ground cover for problem areas as it grows in just about any soil and is one of the few ground covers that will grow under pine trees.

Pachysandra will transform otherwise bare and ugly ground areas into attractive year-round cover. It is also very effective as a border plant along paths or driveway edgings and can be used as a lawn substitute in shaded non-traffic areas. It works very nicely in the front of shaded borders or as filler between larger shrubs. Dense enough to keep down weeds, it is a great solution for dark parts of the garden, where other plants fear to tread. It is extremely hardy, and fragrant.

A shade lover and deer resistant

Please note that Pachysandra often takes most of the first season getting established, spreading will tend to be extremely slow the first season and will commence the second season. It tolerates some sun in northern zones, but needs shade in southern zones. Mature height 6" - 12", spacing 4" - 8".

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