When is the Best Time to Plant Pachysandra?

Do you have a shady garden and want something different for ground cover? Plant pachysandra plants instead of jasmine or English ivy. Also known as Japanese spurge, these boxwood family plants tolerate immensely shaded areas, and will grow in an evergreen forest. As long as the soil drains properly, this ground cover will grow quickly and heartily under most conditions.

When to plant pachysandras;

The best time to plant pachysandras is after the last frost of winter. This maxmizes the plant's root growth prior to the next freeze and ensures the plants will be healthy and strong. When you plant pachysandra plants, you will find that they establish themselves rather quickly, typically in the first year, and they require little to no watering once established. However, during that first year, be sure to water at least once a week.

Plant pachysandra plants about 12 inches apart to allow for optimal growth. These plants like to spread their leathery leaves and crawl into surrounding areas, so be sure you are not crowding young plants. It's best to mulch around new plantings to reduce weed invasion while the plants mature and provide coverage. If you do not have a mulcher, most cities provide free mulch for pick up at the recycling center.

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