What to know Before Buying Pachysandra Plants.

If you plan on buying Pachysandra there are some important information you need to know...

1.    This plant grows better in rich soil in low lying grass.
2.   The growth of this plant can be easily killed out by wild growing weeds and starvation.
3.   Make sure you are up to the task and most of all you must love gardening.

Before you do any planting add some organic compose to the soil and give it adequate time to break down or work itself into the earth. Since the Pachysandra loves to keep cool, find a nice shady spot in the yard, preferably under a tree.

Where to plant and what to do

Make sure the area you choose is not in direct contact with the sun. This plant does not like the sun. If you have a favorite tree in your yard like a weeping willow or a tree with big leaves, this will be the perfect home for your plant. Make sure the area where you intend to plant your Pachysandra is moist but not too wet and certainly not dry.

Keep a hefty supply of mulch around so you can add it to your soil; your plant will love it. Check for adequate space in the yard; after all, you do not want your plants overcrowded. The area you pick to plant your Pachysandra should not be in the middle of weed bed. Avoid areas where weeds grow fast and out of control.

Your plant will grow up to ten inches tall and probably just as wide. If you do not have gardening tools buy some when you purchase your plants. As long as you don’t mind tending to your garden you will be just fine. However, as with any plant your plant will always need your (TLC) tender loving and care.

If you want your yard to look like a full ground covering, this is the right plant for you. It is very inexpensive, easy to plant, and not troublesome to care for. Pay attention to the seasons; just as the sun is harmful to your Pachysandra so is the freezing cold ground. Spring or fall is the best time to plant this type of plant.
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