Ways to Transplant Pachysandra

Many people are afraid to transplant plants such as Pachysandra. They fear they will damage or even kill them. Pachysandra plants are very hearty and strong. There are some ways that they can be transplanted without permanently harming them. These plants can be transplanted any time during the year, as long as the ground is not frozen. Springtime is more beneficial because it allows for the root system to grow and get established into the soil.

Digging up entire plants is one way of moving Pachysandra to another location in the yard. However, if it has been at the same location for a long time, their roots might run rather deep. They run horizontally through the soil. Sometimes, digging around the edge of the ground cover with a shovel will allow a person to roll the Pachysandra up as though it was a piece of carpet. If this is done, keep the roots out of sunlight and moist until it is transplanted. Transplant it as soon as possible. The longer the roots are out of the dirt, the easier the roots can become dried out and possibly harm the plants. Transplant the carpet the way a single Pachysandra plant is planted, allowing enough loose dirt, water and space for it to get acclimated and established.

There are more simple ways to transplant Pachysandra. Pachysandra roots spread through terminals that are in their root system. Their stems of the root are thick and run in a horizontal direction under the ground. They are called rhizomes and they have little nodes on them. More roots and shoots develop from these little nodes and grow. Separate the rhizomes with your fingers. Then cut them away from the plant, transplant them in the desired location 6 to 12 inches apart. Cover the entire stem of the root with dirt, just as you would transplant the entire root of a Pachysandra plant. The roots are totally buried in the soil.

Another way to transplant, and the most simplest, is to just cut off a stem of the Pachysandra  plant (not the stem in the root system) and place it directly into the soil in the yard or in a pot. Keep the soil moist and well drained. After a week or so, the stem should start to grow roots. 

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