Using Evergreen Ground Cover Plants in Your Landscape Design

Pachysandra plants are a great way to use space in any landscaping design. Usually, different sizes of plants are needed to give the landscape a balance to the design. Evergreen ground cover plants can be planted under shrubs or trees and will accent them beautifully. These plants will flourish while growing in the shade. They are small evergreen ground covers that are very compatible in many locations. Pachysandra plants sprawl, spread and thrive in landscape terrains that are also dry or rocky.

One of the major problems in a landscape design is weed control. With an evergreen ground cover like Pachysandra, this is not a problem. These plants will grow around anything in the design, keeping the weeds out with their nice and thick low ground cover. They will even help the other plants stay moist because they help the ground retain moisture. The sun is not bearing down on the soil. It is bearing down on the Pachysandra ground cover, which absorbs the heat. Less watering is required. Instead of using mulch, use these wondrous plants. Over time, these plants will cut down on the time and work involved in putting down mulch.  

Many landscape designs also include rocks and man made materials such as benches. Pachysandra will spread all around them, gracefully bringing out the true beauty of the design. With its different varieties, many textures will add to the flow of the landscape. How to use Pachysandra in a landscape design? This is easy to answer. Just plant wherever there is an empty spot and it will grow. 

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