Use Pachysandra To Change Your Garden Mood

When it comes to ornamental plants for your lawn and garden, there are many choices, ranging from the edible to the poisonous, standard to the exotic and little-heard-of. One modest but striking group of plants belongs to the Pachysandra genus. They are low-lying evergreens, which can cover a sizable amount of lawn easily, and are considered ground-cover shrubs.  What it means for you is a sea of green, even in the dead of winter.

The most common variety is the Japanese Spurge, which tends to grow and spread aggressively. There are less aggressive varieties, but the oriental variety is preferred because of its ornamental vegetation. There is a variety that it native to North America, but its smaller leaves are less impressive.  Whatever your opinion, pachysandra tends to have an impact wherever you plant it, and it can greatly enhance the mood of your garden.

Pachysandra retains lush foliage even when everything dies in December, and it can be quite defining if overflowing from a large pot and allowed to mingle with annual plants.  The plant may smother other low-lying vegetables, such as carrots and beets, but many other plants will survive quite well once grown large enough to compete for light.  Actually, pachysandra can grow well in shaded areas, providing an exotic feel to an otherwise dead and barren patch under a tree or next to a house, for example.  It can change mood of your garden from waste to exotic.

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