Things to Know When Planting Pachysandra

There are a few things to know when planting pachysandra. Below are the most important things to remember... 

1. Shade is needed

There are so many places to plant this ground cover. Pick spots that stay shady no matter how much you thin the tree branches in your yard. A nice site to place this plant is along hilly walkways. Tree filled areas no one really bothers is always a great place for this plant too.

2. Space is needed

Stores are always filled with new plants and a nice tray of pachysandras to compliment your other plants would be nice. Plant about a hands length apart a little closer but be wise to let each plant have its space; you want them to grow. Before you plant, weed the soil. Pretend it is a vegetable garden and you will not have any difficulty. If you plant clippings, cut the plant then root it in water. Now, take the plant and place it a couple of inches into the soil.

3. Bedding or mulch

Bedding or mulch is always good for plants. When you are planting pachysandras you will find these active plants like acidic soil and the cozy feeling of mulch. Planting pachysandra is a very encouraging plant for a beginning gardener to start out with; they are that easy to grow. Each season you will be able to spread these plants out a little more, creating a large surplus of these ground covering plants.

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