Shade growing evergreens that grow where grass can't.

Tackling those unsightly and non-grassy bare areas in your yard seems never ending. The areas are just too dry or there is not enough sunlight. Grow Pachysandra where grass can’t grow. Pachysandra plants are a low hugging shade growing evergreens that grow very nicely in shaded areas and will also help retain moisture. They can even grow on a side of a hill where grass will not grow. Pachysandra plants will spread in locations where ever they are needed. After they do spread, the no grass areas will be gone. Those ugly spots disappear.

Customers are pleasantly surprised at the results they receive from planting shade growing evergreens like Pachysandra. They have this wonderful carpet of green covering their ugly non-grassy areas. These shade growing evergreen plants will stay green all year long. Delicate little white and/or pink flowers pop out in the spring. Through the five different varieties of Pachysandra, an array of handsome textures and beautiful shades of green and/or silvery white leaves are an amazing sight. Each variety has their own distinctive leaf shape and color. One or more of the different varieties can be grown together. They are self sustaining and will give years of enjoyment.

Many grass or plants companies promote their products by saying they have products that will cure the “no grass” ailment. A lot of times these products just do not work or involves using non-environmentally safe products. JW-Pachysandra is different. Our plants are environmentally safe. We are a down-to-earth and honest company that grows and sells our own varieties of healthy plants. We live up to our trusted customers’ expectations and will continue to do so.

If you are Interested in using pachysandra in your garden and back yard,  contact JW-Pachysandra! We have over 40 years of experience in growing and selling quality Pachysandra plants to customers all over the U.S. Start enjoying your garden with a beautiful ground cover instead of the continual battle with the weeds. Planting Pachysandra is truly a number one choice.

We sell Pachysandra in five different varieties and offer FREE shipping nationwide for orders over $100. All plants will be priced at $0.60 a piece except for Common Pachysandra that will be priced at $0.50 a piece.

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