Save time and work in your garden by planting pachysandra

Many gardeners spend hours pulling weeds out of their garden just to find out that they are back in a few days. Pulling weeds is time consuming and can be very hard on your back. There is a real solution to this. Save time and work by planting Pachysandra. Pachysandra will eliminate all those weed infested locations. It works really well as a natural weed inhibitor. Once these plants are sown into the ground, weeds cannot get their roots into the dirt. Planting Pachysandra will also save time, work and money on mulching your garden. There is not even a need to apply mulch. Pachysandra helps the ground retain its natural moisture so watering your plants is less often.

Pachysandra is an environmentally friendly and self sustaining evergreen ground cover. It is a low hugging perennial and grows favorably in the shade. There are five varieties to choose from when planting Pachysandra. They are Green Sheen, Green Sheen Crinkle, Silver Edge, Green Carpet and Pearl Common. All have different leaf shapes and textures. They have fragrant white little flowers that come up in April, except for Pearl Common. This variety has fragrant pink and white flowers. Each have their own separate attributes, but all of them have the same necessary qualities that will keep weeds out of your garden.

If you are Interested in using pachysandra in your garden and back yard,  contact JW-Pachysandra! We have over 40 years of experience in growing and selling quality Pachysandra plants to customers all over the U.S. Start enjoying your garden with a beautiful ground cover instead of the continual battle with the weeds. Planting Pachysandra is truly a number one choice.

We sell Pachysandra in five different varieties and offer FREE shipping nationwide for orders over $100. All plants are priced at $0.60 a piece except for Common Pachysandra that is priced at $0.50 a piece.

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