Prevent soil erosion in your yard with Pachysandra.

A garden is an asset to any home but with it comes the hassle of weeds and soil erosion from excess water.  There are things that a gardener can do to help prevent weeds instead of pulling them all the time.  There are also things that can be done for soil erosion prevention.  One of the easiest and preventive ways to control soil erosion and weeds is to plant pachysandra. 

Pachysandra is a type of ground cover that does great in the shade and is a very popular ground cover.  The pachysandra is a fast growing that has leaves that look like leather.  The flowers that pachysandra produces, are creamy white in color and pleasing to look at.  Pachysandra is the type of plant that can be mowed with a lawn mower after a couple of years of establishment in the yard.  It is recommended that the mower blade be set to the highest setting so the plant is not cut too low to the ground.  To aid in the spread of the pachysandra, the plant can be separated to allow a faster and fuller spreading. 

The pachysandra plant prevents weeds from growing be spreading over the dirt.  This keeps the weeds from getting a foothold in the soil and prevents them from growing.  The way that the pachysandra keeps soil from eroding away is through the root systems.  The roots of the pachysandra hold the dirt in place and keep it from washing away in a rain runoff.  The pachysandra plant is the perfect solution to many gardening headaches.

If you are Interested in using pachysandra in your garden and back yard,  contact JW-Pachysandra! We have over 40 years of experience in growing and selling quality Pachysandra plants to customers all over the U.S. Start enjoying your garden with a beautiful ground cover instead of the continual battle with the weeds. Planting Pachysandra is truly a number one choice.

We sell Pachysandra in five different varieties and offer FREE shipping nationwide for orders over $100. All plants are priced at $0.60 a piece except for Common Pachysandra that is priced at $0.50 a piece. 

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