Planting Pachysandra the Best Way

Winter is coming to an end, and the first muddy, fragrant days of spring are right around the corner. What does this mean? It’s time for baseball season and garden work to begin. Whether or not you have a green thumb, you still want your yard and garden to look healthy, colorful and vibrant. Even if you can’t keep that indoor spider plant alive, there are tricks of the trade that can make gardening successful. Choosing the right plants and flowers is the first step, and there is no easier way to start your landscape design than by planting pachysandra.

How, when, and what to expect; Pachysandra, otherwise known as Japanese spurge, is a versatile, ground cover plant that blooms in early spring with white flowers. The plant is native to Japan, but it thrives in USDA Hardiness Zones 5-8. It can easily grow up to ten inches tall, and gardeners love it because it excels in both partial and full shade. The shady spots of the yard and garden are always the most difficult to fill, as most plants or flowers want full or partial sunlight. Pachysandra is an ideal alternative to planting a selection of ferns.

Planting pachysandra is easy and straightforward. It should be planted in moist, well-drained soil, and each plant should be about 6 to 12 inches apart. Be sure to mulch the soil before you plant the pachysandra, as the mulch does a nice job keeping the soil moist. The one drawback to planting pachysandra is that it takes about 3 years for the plant to fully mature. But as you already know: When it comes to gardening, patience is definitely a virtue.

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