Plant and Grow Pachysandra

Pachysandra is easy to plant and grow. Decide on the perfect area where you want it to spread and thrive. As long as the ground is not frozen, Pachysandra can be planted. Plant it on a cloudy day or in the evening when the sun is not beating down. Since the stem is succulent, handle Pachysandra with care while planting.

Pachysandra ready to be planted

Pachysandra ready to be planted

Loosen the soil about 4 inches deep and wide. This will give the roots room to breath as the plant grows. Pour water into the hole before placing Pachysandra in it. Let the water sink into the soil. Then, take the individual plant out of its pot and make sure the roots are untangled. If they are tangled, untangle them with your fingers. Spread the roots outward and away from the plant. Sit the plant in the hole and gently fill the hole with dirt. Make sure that the roots are covered entirely. Pat the dirt around Pachysandra until it feels firm and then water again. Water every day for the first week. Then every other day the next week. Water once a week thereafter. The amount of times the plant is watered depends on the type of environment the plant is going to grow in. If it rains every other day the first week, then only water Pachysandra on the days it does not rain. Good judgment is necessary. Do not over water.  

The normal planting distance for Pachysandra is about 12 inches apart for each plant. They will spread naturally. The area will grow into a nice and beautiful ground cover. If  a thick ground cover is desired sooner, than planting them closer together will accomplish that.

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