Pachysandra Seeds

I have tried to plant the pachysandra seeds in the fall, by collecting them and putting them in a flat with the juice of the seed. This year I will separate the seeds from the juice around the seed and try again. I feel the birds take the seeds of the pachysandra and fly up in a near by branch, eat the juice, and spit the seeds out. Pachysandra is a vine and spreads by using runners. Another thing to think about is that most of my special, rare pachysandra are mutated from common pachysandra and the seeds of mutated, rare pachysandra may not be able to develop. I am sending 2 pictures of where the birds I believe pick the seeds in the fall when they are ripe, eat the juice and discard the seeds. Where these patches of pachysandra are have no runners from the main patch, which as we know is how it spreads.