Pachysandra Plants for Sale

What to look out for

Before you set out to buy your Pachysandra plants here are some things you need to look for. Just like fruits and vegetables need to be looked at thoroughly, so do plants and especially Pachysandra. If you don’t know what a good plant looks like you could end up buying some really bad plants with weak roots. Cheap is not always good; always choose quality over quantity. The roots tell the story. It does not matter how pretty or green the foliage may be if the root of your Pachysandra does not look well chances are your plant is not well either.

If you plan on buying your plants from large nurseries or major garden shops you must look for damaged plants on your own. Most growers (not JW-Pachysandra) fill their plants with fertilizer making them look good only long enough to sell. You should remove one plant from the soil and examine it thoroughly. You might be surprised at what you may find.

The signs you need to look for in a bad plant are:
· Leaf spots
· Rotten stems
· Die backs

These are signs that these plants are damaged. Usually snails, snugs or some other insects are capable of causing irreversible damage. Make sure your Pachysandra plants have great looking leaves and roots before you buy them.

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