Pachysandra as a natural habitat

One of the objectives of organic garden is to make your backyard a miniature ecosystem, offering food and shelter and access for various species that make a natural setting possible.  Gardens that mimic an ecosystem tries to attracts birds, dragonflies, ladybugs, and other natural controls.  The benefit of this is a reduced need for pesticides, and perhaps greater overall productivity.

Pachysandra is not a vegetable, but rather is a low-lying evergreen.  It loves the shade and can grow vigorously in places grass resents, such as a dark run between the house and a tree.  It is a perennial and spreads as far as it can via underground runners.  It out competes grass in any shady spot, and only stops when it is in full sunlight.

It has thick evergreen leaves and are not suitable for human or animal consumption; in fact, if pachysandra can be planted to deter deer from entering your yard, at least from that direction.  Because it carpets your lawn, it is effective weed control.  It also retains moisture and moderates temperature beneath its canopy.  In the spring, pachysandra has beautiful flowers that can provide nectar for bees and drinking birds.  To that end, it may provide habitat for beneficial insects or animals.

Aside from nectar, its canopy may protect insects in winter, as well as small animals such as snakes and mice.  If a patch is thick enough, perhaps even small birds such as quail may spend part of the year in it.  A variety of lifeforms may take advantage of it in summer in order to escape the heat.  The idea of all manner of critters in your yard may not seem appealing, and indeed you should keep an eye out for poisonous snakes.  If you plant a vigorous bush, something may end up calling it home.

All of this depends on if you are an organic gardener.  Providing natural habitat is apart of a strategy to provide for nature in your yard, tolerating grazers for the sake of attracting predators.  Snakes fit into this category, and the non-poisonous ones such as garter snakes will pay you back by eating mice and other critters at night.  The insects that live in your thicket may be the beneficial ones that pollinate in spring.

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