Pachysandra and Your Pet

Home gardeners like planting lush ground covers; it is attractive all year, and can prevent soil erosion. I  have tried chewing on pachysandra leaves and stems just to see what it taste like, with no side effects.  Deer do not like it at all and I have never any other animal eat it either.  I did find some mice make a nest in some 2 year plants that were under some wooden shades.

Pachysandra is a lush, low growing evergreen plant. A member of the Boxwood family, there are five members of the genus Pachysandra. All of them are shade loving and can grow well in poor or clay soils. The plant originated in China and Japan, but is commonly found growing in most parts of the United States. This low ground cover creates a dense bed of foliage around 6 inches high with attractive white flowers. It is attractive ground cover but pachysandra and your pet should not come into contact with each other.

Pachysandra terminalis should be planted with an eye to animal safety. These and other members of the Boxwood family of shrubs and contain alkaloid chemicals that can harm your family pets and livestock.

Dogs and cats like to chew on vegetation so it is important to grow pet-safe shrubs ornamentals around your home. Avoid toxic shrubs like Pachysandra terminalis and flowering ornamentals like elephant ear or foxglove.

If you have livestock make sure that Pachysandra is planted well away from grazing areas or pastures. The alkaloid it contains can be harmful yo grazing animals. Like most shade loving ground cover, Pachysandra can spread rapidly and invade nearby pastures quickly. Planting rye grass or Liriope on shady banks areas near your grazing area is effective and safer for livestock.

As spring approaches many of you are happily planning for planting. Keep your pets and livestock happy and safe by making sure everything you plant is animal safe and pet-friendly.

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