Is Pachysandra too Invasive for Garden Use?

Pachysandra is a plant that's known for being able to grow in the shade. It's also evergreen, so it looks good all year. Unfortunately, it's also known for being very invasive. In some states, it is even on the invasive species list and subject to restrictions.

The question of whether pachysandra is too invasive for garden use has an answer that depends on the conditions. When kept properly contained and well-trimmed, it can be controlled well enough to be planted in gardens. It becomes invasive when the gardener allows it to grow rampantly. Once it gets out of control, it is almost impossible to contain.

Pachysandra is evergreen and spreads by sending out runners from its roots. That can be good or awful depending on whether it is wanted. In gardens where nothing else will grow, it's great. The trick is to keep it under a tight rein. Deep, impermeable edging should be used so it can't send roots out of its assigned area. This edging should be well maintained at all times to prevent the pachysandra from becoming invasive.
The top growth of pachysandra also needs to be carefully controlled. If it is ignored, it will climb over nearby plants and can kill them. Therefore, it needs to be trimmed regularly to keep its size in check. The speed at which it can grow out of control helps give it its reputation as an invasive plant.

These characteristics make the successful cultivation of pachysandra highly dependent on the habits of the gardener who grows it. Gardeners who enjoy being outside and working in their gardens every day or two can have great success with this plant. They'll love doting on it and pruning it into a beautiful carpet that stays in the garden.

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