How to grow Pachysandra Ground Cover?

The ground cover pachysandra is native to Japan. It is an evergreen that spreads by rhizomes and forms a dense and compact form over the ground. Typically, it will get six to 10 inches tall. Pachysandra ground cover is also known as Pachysandra terminalis when referenced by its botanical name.

Pachysandra ground cover has diamond-like leaves that are dark green and glossy. They are in an alternate form and held at the tip of the shoots. It is evergreen, so the leaves will not drop at the end of the growing season. Blooms appear around March or April and are white. Flowers are on one to two inch terminal spikes.

It is a good choice for a shady landscape and can be propagated by cuttings. It should not be in badly draining soil or heavy clay, preferring slightly acidic and organic-rich soils. Pachysandra ground cover is very easy to grow. When placed in full sun conditions, it may yellow and become stressed. With stress, there is a tendency toward stem canker and leaf blight disease.

Some common cultivars of pachysandra ground cover include "green sheen", "silver edge", and "green carpet". All of these are great choices, depending on the look and the growth you prefer in your landscape. "Green Sheen" has a polished look, deep green, and is the more tolerant of sun conditions. "Silver Edge" has white mottled hues on the glossy-green leaves. It grows slowly and has a lovely look to it when mature. "Green Carpet" has compact stems, grows neatly, and has waxy deep green leaves. It is more common in the landscaping trade than others.

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