How to Grow Ground Cover Plants like Pachysandra

To grow ground cover plants is a beautiful way to add interest and color into an otherwise dull and unused area of your lawn, or garden. Ground cover plants, such as the Pachysandra will quickly grow to fill in the desired area of your lawn or garden, and create a low maintenance focal point. Since ground cover plants tend to spread out and sprawl to fill any open available space, you may wish to gently guide them in the direction, in which you wish them to grow.

Pachysandra is a ground covering plant that is in the Boxwood Family. It is considered an evergreen groundcover, and is well suited as a groundcover for shaded gardens and areas. Its leaves are toothy, with a leathery look and feel, usually green in color; although there are also variegated species that have a mixture of green, with a creamy white color, spread throughout the leaf.

Preparations for planting pachysandra;

An essential aspect in growing ground cover plants actually begins prior to planting your very first plant. Since a ground cover plant literally covers the ground, you will want to be certain to properly prepare the ground, before planting any ground cover plants. Removing and killing any existing weeds is imperative. If you do not rid the ground of weeds and other debris, it will be very difficult to remove them, with your Pachysandra covering the ground. You will not want to have unsightly weeds growing up through your ground cover, not only choking your plants, but also ruining the visual aspect of your ground cover.

Taking care of planted pachysandra;

In order to grow ground cover plants, you must be prepared to water your plants regularly and to mulch and fertilize them, as well. The mulching and composting of the soil prior to planting your first plant will be much easier than waiting until the plants are covering the ground. Keeping your ground cover plant regularly watered during the first year, will help to establish the plants, and their root systems.

While Pachysandra grows and spreads easily, you will want to prune it in order to keep it from growing out of control. The need to literally “mow” down your pachysandra ground cover every other year will help to keep your Pachysandra healthy and beautiful. This mowing will remove any damaged branches or foliage and will help to keep your ground cover plants refreshed and beautiful, full of new growth. If you would like to increase the area in which your Pachysandra grow, it is easily propagated in the early spring or fall. Growing ground cover plants is a satisfying and easy way, in which to add value and beauty to your lawn or garden.

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