How to Buy Pachysandra Plants

Pachysandra plants are beautiful green plants that make excellent groundcover. The best way to buy pachysandra plants is to buy a flat of them from a nursery like JW Pachysandra and plant them in soil that doesn’t have too much pH. When deciding if Pachysandra’s are right for your yard and garden, you need to make certain you have a good place for them to grow and flourish. Sandy soil is a good choice.

How to plant pachysandra

Pachysandras like to be kept damp, and they do really well in shady areas. Pachysandra plants also grow well if they are planted under other shrubs and bushes. You don't have to buy pachysandra plants several times as this can be expensive if there is a lot of area to cover, however, when they are taken care of during the first year, they will spread and the next spring it is usually easy to get root cuttings to put in different areas in the yard or to facilitate the spread of the plant in the same area.

When to plant pachysandra

For areas that have a cold and snowy winter, it is best to not purchase and plant Pachysandras after Labor Day. Of course some years you can get away with planting them later, but that is taking a chance that it will get too cold before the plants have been able to become established. Pachysandra plants are beautiful accent plants, and if they are nurtured, they will thrive and spread so you don’t have to keep buying them to cover more area in future growing seasons.

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