Growing Pachysandra Under Your Deck

Pachysandra is an anomaly in the plant world because it requires low maintenance, little sunlight and minimum moisture to stay healthy. Despite its low maintenance, Pachysandra is a very strong plant that helps to control erosion, especially in hilly regions. Because it requires such little moisture and sunlight, Pachysandra is perfect for planting underneath decks. It can give the visible spaces beneath your deck a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance than just bald dirt and the plant can take care of itself as well as the ground around it.

Here are a few things to consider when using Pachysandra as a ground cover for underneath decks. First, you should measure the area beneath your deck to determine how many Pachysandra plants you'll need to purchase for the project. As a general rule, you'll want to plant them about 12 inches apart from one another. Next, prepare the soil so it is rich in nutrients and can sustain a healthy Pachysandra plant. If you live in an especially hilly area, the addition of mulch may be necessary to add to the area so the plants can have maximum moisture.

Once the Pachysandra has gotten comfortable in its new home, you will find that it stays happily contained in its designated area without spreading to the lawn. Maintenance of the plant requires just occasional trimming with gardening tools or simply running over with the lawn mower a few times. Since Pachysandra thrives underneath decks and in other shady areas, you'll find that the plants do well while you never see any thriving of weeds. This is because the shady area underneath decks coupled with the Pachysandra plants and their roots, don't allow any sunlight in that would allow weeds to contaminate your yard.

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