Caring for Pachysandra Plants

Pachysandra plants are a low-growing evergreen plant that thrives in shady areas. While they are generally fairly easy to take care of, there are several steps that you need to take while caring for Pachysandra plants in order to insure optimal growth and health of the plant.

Step 1 - Water and Mulch

While caring for Pachysandra plants is to make sure they get enough water and mulch. A recently planted Pachysandra plant needs to be watered at least once a week until it is established. The water needs to penetrate a few inches of soil and it needs to remain moist. After the plant becomes established, you only need to water it during droughts and in late fall before the ground freezes. However, if the leaves begin to turn brown, you will need to water it. Also, if you are growing the Pachysandra plant in a pot, you will need to water it more often. Next, you will need to add two to four inches of mulch in order to protect the Pachysandra plant from weeds and to prevent it from drying out too quickly. Wood chips and shredded bark are the best mulch to use. As the Pachysandra plant grows, you will need to use less mulch, so you can cut down on the mulch as time goes on.

Step 2 - Fertilizer and Grooming

While caring for Pachysandra plants it is important to make sure they have enough fertilizer and proper grooming. While a fertilizer is not vital for a Pachysandra, it will help with the growth and development. It is very important to mix plenty of fertilizer into the soil you initially plant the Pachysandra plants in. A few handfuls of a fertilizer around the Pachysandra bed as well as some slow-releasing fertilizer every spring will give the plant a boost. The Pachysandra is an easy plant to care for and is pretty close to grooming free. However, there may be times in which the plant has excess growth and it needs a trim. It is good to trim bare and lush spots in order to stimulate new growth. Good hedge clippers or hand grass shears will do a good job shearing the excess leaves and branches and will give the plant a neat appearance. Caring for Pachysandra plants is fairly easy and if you follow these small steps, your Pachysandra will be healthy and lush.

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