Can I Plant Pachysandra Plants in Sunny Areas?

For the homeowner who wants to maintain a well groomed lawn, the idea of that lawn having bare spots in certain areas can be quite the annoyance. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the homeowner to keep a lawn well maintained. Between regular maintenance of the lawn including regular mowing, feedings with specific types of fertilizer, and watering the lawn a few times per week, the homeowner devotes several hours per week maintaining the lawn, so when bare spots appear on that lawn, the first thing that a homeowner wants to do is find a way to cover them that looks as natural as possible.

A great way to accomplish this is with a few Pachysandra plants. One thing that you should know about Pachysandra is that Pachysandra plants and sun exposure will harm the plants. Overexposure to sunlight will cause a Pachysandra plant to turn brown. These ground coverage plants prefer a more acidic organic soil mix. The soil should be well drained and kept moist to get the best results from the plant. There are several varieties of Pachysandra including Procumbens, Green Carpet, Variegata, and Pachysandra Terminalis (Japanese Pachysandra). Each plant has its own characteristics which are described below.

Japanese Pachysandra
Upon close inspection this ground cover plant spreads underground runners and it’s actually wider than it is high.

This variety of pachysandra is a native of Florida, Louisiana, and West Virginia. When it’s matured, the plant can reach a height of 6-10 inches and its toothed leaves are what form the plant’s thick growth patterns.

Green Carpet
This variety of pachysandra is a preferred choice for landscaping purposes. The plant is used for coverage in sparse areas of a lawn. It’s also used for edgings along driveways and walkway paths. The plant can reach a height of 6-8 inches when fully matured and it’s one of the few plants that can even be planted under pine trees and flourish.

Another name for the pachysandra Variegata is a silver edge, and it’s another plant that’s perfectly happy when planted in a shady area. The plant can reach a maximum height of 6-8 inches. It leaves are a green color with tinges of white around its edges, thus it’s moniker of silver edge.
All of these plants are quite suitable for different landscaping applications around a person’s home, and will certainly add some curb appeal to any home where the plants are used.

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