Best Way to Grow a Thick Bed of Pachysandra

Pachysandra is a great evergreen ground cover. It is very easy to grow Pachysandra in the right conditions. Once planted, pachysandra requires little to no maintenance. In it is very easy for the plant to become evasive and overtake other plants, particularly in wet climates.

Best places to plant Pachysandra;

Pachysandra grows well in most climates, but is particularly suited for zone 4-9, and is well suited for warm weather. Pachysandra is very comfortable in low shade areas, and as such will grow where other plants will not. Because of this it is often planted around the bases of trees, as an alternative ground cover plant.

While pachysandra will grow in average, well drained soil, the plant prefers the extra moisture that a high humus content provides. Humus refers to decomposing organic materials, particularly mature compost. When planting a bed of Pachysandra, begin by covering the entire top layer of soil with a layer of compost. This will ensure that the plants have plenty of moisture and nutrients to grow to be a healthy plant. Pachysandra can be planted in the spring or fall, however, many gardening experts recommend planting perennials, such as pachysandra in the fall, in order to allow the maturing plant a good dormant season before blossoming.

How to maintain Pachysandra;

This low-maintenance plant is easy to grow, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. However it can become invasive. There are several methods that gardeners use to combat the evasiveness of plants. One method is to plant in a box or other enclosed area. Another method is to simply be aggressive in maintaining the plants. Planting pachysandra in a climate that is not too wet, will also help keep it from being invasive and taking over the yard.

This beautiful, easy to maintain evergreen plant can be a wonderful addition to any landscape. These few simple tips are sure to help make sure that any landscaper or gardener who wishes to grow pachysandra, will grow beautiful, healthy plants.

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