Best Places to Grow Pachysandra Plants

When you're looking to upgrade the landscaping in your yard, one of your plant staples should be pachysandra plants. Pachysandra plants, also known as Japanese Spurge is a dark green plant that grows best in shady areas. Since it is similar to the size and texture of clover, you can grow pachysandra plants places in your yard where grass won't grow.

Pachysandra plants makes a great covering from underneath trees, particularly evergreens. where pachysandra plants provide the only option to keep the area below your trees as green as the trees themselves. They are also an excellent choice for areas shaded by buildings.

Pachysandra plants are a perfect way to provide a border to driveways and sidewalks as well, They grow to be around eight inches and their height stays even year round. It is such an effective way to cover those troublespots that is is often referred to as "green carpet."

Not only do pachysandra plants practically take care of themselves, they are also easy to get started. Simply untangle root, and place is the ground about a foot deep with each plant about a foot apart. Pachysandra plants can be planted either in the spring or fall, as long as the ground isn't frozen. While it may be tempting use pachysandra plants as an alternative to the main grass in your yard, that is usually not a good option. Over exposure to the sun can cause a faded or burned look, and pachysandra plants are also not resistant to foot traffic.

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