Benefits of Using Pachysandra Plants in your Garden

Pachysandra plants are perennial grounds cover that can be used alone or to provide a lush green base for ornamental flowering plants. While plants of this kind are often overlooked when planning a garden or landscape, the benefits of pachysandra plants are numerous for the homeowner or gardener who chooses to use them, even beyond the obvious esthetic value.

Pachysandra benefits

Grounds cover plants like pachysandra help soil to retain moisture and produce oxygen, making plants and animals in the area healthier. Pachysandra plants stay green all year round, so there's no need to change them out or cover them for esthetic reasons. Another one of the benefits of pachysandra plants on a sloped surface is that their roots tend to grab onto soil very well, protecting it from erosion.

Pachysandra plants grow quickly and spread well, allowing them to fill a space in a hurry. One of the major benefits of pachysandra plants filling a space is that they grow so closely together that they do not allow weeds to infiltrate the planting space. They can even be used in place of lawn in some instances, or as an edge to a lawn, thus reducing landscaping costs. Pachysandra can grow where grass can't, as well, so it can add green to parts of your yard or garden that have never been green before.

You don't have to be a master gardener to recognize the benefits of pachysandra plants as grounds cover or as a transition from lawn to ornamental plants. They are relatively low maintenance and attractive, and they provide plenty of benefits to the soil and the environment. Grounds cover plants like pachysandra can be a cost effective way to complete the look and enhance the health of a garden or yard.

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