All you need to know about Pachysandra

All you need to know about pachysandra shrubbery is that the coverage is great. This plant can make even the worst gardener look like a Guru. Pachysandra is easy to grow and creates a wealth of foliage coverage. The plant increase as time goes on and requires very little care. A large area can be planted with the many varieties of the pachysandra.

Most of us want a beautiful property but have little time to dedicate to the job. Hiring a gardener for many people is out of the question and a lawn service is not always scheduled. This plant remains hearty throughout the year. With enough mulch to protect your plants they should last through the cold weather and the mulch will feed the plants.

All plants need some sun but the pachysandra is a lover of shade. Stay clear of too wet or too dry soil with this plant. Many people are guilty of drowning their plants, giving them far too much water. This low growing shrubbery is wonderful for accentuating larger more flowery plants and can cover unsightly lawn equipment. These plants create such a lovely lawn and garden area for any home or office building with the smallest of effort.

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