All about Pachysandra Terminalis

Pachysandra Terminalis, more commonly known as Spurge, is an evergreen gift originally from Japan and other Asian countries. It grows close to the ground, never more than twelve inches in height, and provides a beautiful, slow growing ground cover for large open areas of landscaping. Usually in April, if the temperature and climate are right, pachysandra terminalis will also bloom with small white flowers that adds to its beauty and charm as a ground cover.

Facts about Pachysandra terminalis:
Pachysandra terminalis grows best in medium-rich, moist but well-drained soil. Partial sun to partial shade helps the plant produce the most perfect shade of shiny green leaves; any extra sun causes the leaves to lose their brilliant green hue. It continues to grow in winter, but the leaves obviously will be a different color due to the decreased amount of sunlight. Pachysandra terminalis needs no additional watering as it will even grow during times of drought or in sandy and clay soils. It's a perfect match when grown at the base of shallow rooted trees and contained to encircle the base of the tree. Because it reproduces itself underground, it needs regular care to contain it from growing where it isn't wanted.

Speaking of which, the pachysandra terminalis plant does have a reputation for being invasive in certain areas of the country and is considered a pest. Most of the state of Virginia will not allow the plant to be used at all due to the invasion it has suffered there. It's most unfortunate, given that Virginia obviously has the perfect soil to grow it. Other areas of the country, mostly east coast, but also parts of the Midwest and Central, are experiencing a wild overgrowth of the plant as well. In these areas it is viewed as a weed. If you plan on planting this evergreen, be sure to check with local growers or your state environmental specialist to make sure you're not planting something illegal.

As far as anything being a pest to pachysandra terminalis itself, it's fairly resistant to wildlife and disease. On occasion it can suffer from leaf blight, but a little sprayed fungicide takes care of that quite quickly. Mites, root rot and scale can also be problems but biweekly tending will clue you in to any problems of this sort and preventing the soil from becoming oversaturated with water will help with root rot. Otherwise it's an overall very hardy plant and difficult to kill and control if it's allowed to run wild.

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