All About Pachysandra Plants

Gardeners desiring a ground cover that is not only beautiful, but also grows will in those tricky shady areas will love Pachysandra plants. This very popular perennial evergreen, which is also known as Spurge, does remarkably well in the shade of large spreading trees and is one of the few ground covers that can grow under pine trees.

Pachysandra varieties

There are a number of different varieties of Pachysandra plants that grow in the United States, including the glossy Green Sheen and Crinkled Green Sheen types; the pretty creamy-bordered Silver Edge; and Pearl Common. All Pachysandra plants are very hardy and will grow well in most zones of the United States and Canada. This plant is also self-sustaining, so gardeners won't have to spend time and money replanting it every year. The deer-resistant Pachysandra plants spread by sending out runners and also by producing little berry seeds.

Pachysandra benefits

Spurge is not only a hardy, tolerant plant, it is also very attractive. The leaves of the Pachysandra plants have a nice sheen and are lightly toothed along their edges -- except for the Pearl Common variety, which has round leaves -- and in the spring and early summer, this ground cover rewards gardeners with a show of small, white flowers. Once established, this pretty, ground cover does not require hardly any attention from gardeners.

How to care for Pachysandra

For the best results, gardeners should plant Pachysandra plants approximately six to twelve inches apart, depending on the size of the plant, between the months of March and December. Generally, it takes approximately 100 plants to cover a 100-square-foot area. Spurge prefers to live in moist, fertile, well drained, loose soil, and it does best if the acid pH is under 6.0. This plant does not like to be in direct sunshine and will become pale and fail to thrive if it is exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight. After Spurge has become established, it can tolerate rather long periods without rain, as long as it gets a good soaking every ten days or so. Although overhead watering will keep the plant looking glossy, it may increase its chances of getting pachysandra blight, which is a fungal disease. To help prevent this disease, gardeners need to keep dead leaves from forming a moist mat under the plants.

Pachysandra plants will grow to an even height of approximately eight to twelve inches, forming an attractive, solid, weed-blocking mat. Unfortunately, because this ground cover has succulent stems that can be easily damaged, it does not tolerate foot traffic. With shade-loving pachysandra plants, gardeners will no longer have to stare at ugly bare spots under their trees or in areas where deep shade has made growing grass impossible.

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